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Take alongside the tough advisor Vietnamese Phrasebook and make a few new international acquaintances whereas in your journey. This thoroughly-revised 3rd version has either A-Z English- Vietnamese and A-Z Vietnamese translations – ideal for fast notice reference. perform your pronunciation with the 16-pages of extra situation fabric; on hand as downloadable audio documents, the eventualities were recorded by means of local Vietnamese audio system and fit to both your laptop or iPod. The advisor incorporates a unique grammar part and a worthwhile menu and beverages record reader – perfect whilst sampling the neighborhood delicacies. With this pocket-sized phrasebook on your backpack you're certain to have an excellent journey!

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Di-àyoo j yáyoo là] Europe Ch…u áu [joh oh] European (adj) Ch…u áu [joh oh] even ngay [ngay], ngay c¿ [ngay g] even if€... ngay nhı€... [ngay n-y] evening buÁi tÂi [bwy dóy] this evening tÂi nay [dóy nay] in the evening vøo buÁi tÂi [vào bwy dóy] evening meal cÍm tÂi [gurm dóy] eventually dÀn dÀn [yùhn yùhn] ever bao giÏ [bao yùr] English ➜ Vietnamese [doy là ngoo-ùh-i ang] do you speak English? ‰ng/bø nfli {ıÔc ti’ng Anh kh‰ng? [awng/bà nóy d-rg di- every m„i [my] every day m„i ngøy [my ngày] everyone m„i ngıÏi [my ngoo-ùh-i] everything m„i thˆ [my t] 57 English ➜ Vietnamese ABCDEFGHIJKLEv 58 everywhere m„i nÍi [my nuh-i] exactly!

Awng/bà gó mwáwn n- yy kawng] dangerous nguy hi◊m [ngwee hi-ym] 49 English ➜ Vietnamese ABCDEFGHIJKLDa 50 Danish (adj) [an M¬ch [dan mj] (language) ti’ng [an M¬ch [diáyng dan mj] dark (adj: colour) {Œm [dhm] (hair) {en it’s getting dark trÏi sƒp tÂi [jùh-i súp dóy] date*: what’s the date today? h‰m nay lø ngøy m`y? [hawm nay là ngày máy-i] let’s make a date for next Monday chng ta h¡y h”n thˆ Hai tuÀn sau [jóóng da hãy hn t hai dwàwn sa-oo] dates (fruit) qu¿ chø lø [gw jà là] (for medicinal use) tæo Tøu [dáo dà-oo] daughter con (gæi) [gon (gái)] daughter-in-law con d…u [gon yoh] dawn b¤nh minh [bìng ming] at dawn vøo b¤nh minh [vào bìng ming] day ngøy [ngày], thˆ [t] the day after h‰m sau [hawm sa-oo] the day after tomorrow mÂt [máwd] the day before h‰m trıÎc [hawm j-úrg] the day before yesterday h‰m kia [hawm gia] every day høng ngøy [hàng ngày], mËi ngøy [mõy ngày] all day c¿ ngøy [g ngày] in two days’ time hai ngøy n˘a [hai ngày n-a] day trip cuÈc du hønh kh‰ng qua {‘m [gwwg yoo hàng kawng gwa daym] dead ch’t [jáyd] deaf {i’c [di-áyg] deal (business) th·a thuŒn [tw twwn] it’s a deal xong [song] death s˙ ch’t chflc [s jáyd jóg] December thæng Ch¬p [táng jp] decide quy’t {finh [gwi-áyd dng] we haven’t decided yet chng t‰i c‡n chıa quy’t {finh [jóóng doy gòn joo-a gwi-áyd dng] decision s˙ quy’t {finh [s gwi-áyd dng] deck (on ship) boong tøu [bong dà-oo] deckchair gh’ x’p [gáy sáyp] deep s…u [soh] definitely chƒc chƒn [júg jún] definitely not chƒc chƒn kh‰ng [júg jún kawng] degree (qualification) b≈ng {¬i h„c [bùng di hg] dehydration cÍ th◊ m`t nıÎc [gur ty múhd n-úrg] delay (noun) s˙ chŒm trÿ [s jhm jãy] delayed trÿ [jãy] deliberately c ˚ [gáw í] delicious r`t ngon [rúhd ngon] deliver {ıa [doo-a] delivery (of mail) {ıa [doo-a], phæt [fád] Denmark nıÎc [an M¬ch dialogue it’s this one here r√ng nøy {…y [rung này day-i] this one?

L-a] can we light a fire here? chng t‰i {Ât l¯a Ì {…y cfl {ıÔc kh‰ng? [jóóng doy dáwd l-a r day-i gó d-rg kawng] it’s on fire {ang chæy [dang jáy] fire alarm c‡i bæo l¯a [gòi báo l-a] fire brigade {Èi cˆu l¯a [dy g-oo l-a] firecracker phæo [fáo] fire escape lÂi thoæt h·a ho¬n [loy twát hw hwn] fire extinguisher b¤nh ch˘a l¯a [bìng j-a l-a] firework display {Ât phæo b‰ng [dáwd fáo bawng] fireworks phæo b‰ng [fáo bawng] first trıÎc [j-úrg], {Àu ti‘n [dòh di-ayn] I was first t‰i trıÎc [doy júrg] at first mÎi {Àu [múh-i dòh] the first time lÀn {Àu ti‘n [lùhn dòh di-ayn] ABCDEFGHIJKLFi film processing r¯a phim [r-a fim] filthy (room etc) bÃn th‹u [bhn t-oo] find (verb) t¤m [dìm], t¤m th`y [dìm táy-i] I can’t find it t‰i t¤m kh‰ng th`y [doy dìm kawng táy-i] I’ve found it t‰i t¤m th`y rÊi [doy dìm táy-i ròy] find out t¤m ra [dìm ra] could you find out for me?

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