By Roger Moore

Excellent In Stapled Wraps; quarto; Paperback; sixty four pages; B/W Illustrations, colour Illustrations to inside of wraps; Wizards of the Coast; 1998; First therefore; Rubbing and minor shelf put on to wraps; textual content unmarked yet smells of smoke.

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Some furniture from other areas is also stored here. A quasit familiar belonging to the mage Draylin (see area C28) hides in this room. Skerd detected the PCs by telepathy (a 3rd-level priest spell establishing direct two-way mental communication, described in the Tome of Magic book, page 71) and warned his mistress, then polymorphed into bat form. Skerd hangs by his feet from a brass rod I2 feet above the floor, looking exactly like one of the stuffed bats also suspended here. H e does not attack unless he is attacked first or his mistress is endangered.

A wizard can use this room’s powers to cause any being here (including himself)to suffer limited amnesia by casting a&t spell and indicating what is to be forgotten. Only a wish allows recovery of the lost memories. Following the instructions in the blue bookTenser gave her, Jallami used this room to remove her memories of those instructions. She then left by using pawall to get outside (she no longer remembered where the illwionmy wal was located) beforeflying invisibb h m the walkway to the gatehouse at area CI and walking out (still An outside walkway with a five-foot- tall parapet surrounds the Crystal Dome.

A PC can also dimb the exterior walls, ending up on the outside walkway that surrounds the Dome. C30. %s beautifid structure appears to be made entrely of blue crystal. The structure saves against all attacks on a roll of 3. No door is visible to the outside walkwav access between the Crystal Dome and the walkway is possible through a variant ilwionary wall on the northeast side. There are two figures inside the Crystal Dome. One is the body of an or(:warrior in chain Y mail who has been &membered by axe blows.

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