By Evan Moor

Learn and comprehend technological know-how, Grades 3-4 provides tales that diversity from low-third grade to high-fourth grade in clarity. subject matters provided comprise: existence Sciencerole of sleep, the 5 senses, position of play in animals, chicken habitats, significance of fireside in an environment, animal class, wild animal edition to residing close to people, actual Sciencehow sound is produced, actual and chemical houses, states of topic, magnetism and compasses, warmth and insulation, average and synthetic gentle, Earth & house Sciencesoil, sorts of rocks, fossil fuels, the sun approach, sun eclipse, hail, sorts of mountains, fossils and petrification, and technology & Technologybiography of an engineer, sustainable agriculture, study into animal mind functionality, recycling, CT scans, use of Earths fabric assets.

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2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. 62 Read and Understand, Science • Grades 3–4 • EMC 3304 Name or in Vocabulary est Fi re the F Write the word from the box that means about the same thing as the underlined word or words in each sentence. Word Box habitat forest an ecologist species occur snags litter prevent nutrients community 1. The scout troop went for a six-mile hike through the woods. 2. The layer of leaves and twigs beneath the trees made a soft seat for them to rest on when they became tired. 3. The leader of the hike was a person who studies how living things relate to each other.

The habitat supplies all the things the animal needs to survive. These things are food, water, shelter, and a place to raise young. A Would you like to make your backyard into a better habitat for birds? You don’t need a lot of space, or a lot of money. Start by looking over the outdoor space around your house or apartment. Make a list of the kinds of plants and trees you find there. Ask an adult to help identify them. them good hiding and nesting places? Look at the chart on this page to find the names of plants and trees that birds use as homes or sources of food.

Most matter, however, is made of a combination of elements. A combination of elements is called a compound. For example, when you mix together one part of the element sodium with one part of the element chloride, you get table salt. When ©2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. Solid If the molecules that make up a substance are close together and pull on each other with a lot of force, the substance keeps its shape. The molecules don’t move around very much at all. This kind of matter is called a solid. A block of wood is solid.

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