By Christian Thibaudeau

Best Olympic lifters have it, elite gymnasts excel as a result of it, sprinters holiday the rate of sunshine pushed by way of it, excessive point bodybuilders get large as a result of it. . . THE capability TO MAXIMALLY STIMULATE THE HIGH-THRESHOLD MOTOR devices! this is often what separates the easiest from the remainder. The fast-twitch fibers that compose the high-threshold motorunits (HTMU) exceed, via a humongous margin, the hypertrophy capability of low and medium-threshold fibers that too many people depend on in our daily education classes.

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Also note that to be “unstable” an exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be performed on an unstable surface. g. ) can also do the trick. Key points 1. Unstable training should be used to activate the nervous system prior to the real strength training exercises. 2. You don’t have to use an unstable surface to make an exercise unstable: you can simply reduce the base of support, increasing the need for balance. - 54 - PRINCIPLE 8 Optimize the work-to-rest ratio - 55 - Introduction While the actual amount and quality of work performed are very important for stimulating maximum muscle growth, the significance of the work-to-rest ratio shouldn’t be underestimated either.

2006). So if an individual drops all bilateral work from his program, he will never reduce his BLD. Beginners and long-limbed individuals should include more unilateral work to - 49 - be able to recruit more HTMUs while they also work on correcting their bilateral deficit with bilateral movements. Key points 1. Beginner and long-limbed individuals should include more unilateral work to fully stimulate their HTMUs while also including bilateral work for every muscle group to correct the bilateral deficit.

The last two solutions cannot provide energy as fast as intramuscular glycogen can. As a result, even though it will be possible to continue exercising with a depleted muscle, it is impossible to maintain the same level of intensity and force production. So as you can see, it is impossible to attribute muscle failure to a single phenomenon. Rather, it’s a mix of several factors that cause muscle failure. Contrary to popular beliefs, reaching muscle failure in one set doesn’t ensure the complete fatigue and stimulation of all the muscle fibers in a muscle.

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