By Jennifer Boothroyd

An attractive examine the ways in which animals engage with humans and vegetation.

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Veszpremi Vegyip. Egy. Kozl. 1957, 1, 55. Chem. Abstr. 1961, 55, 3175h.

Pressure, and an extra buret for J. Chem. Soc. 1948, 2033; highly soluble gases. The solvent is degassed by a modification of the ibid. 1952, 3819. method of Baldwin and Daniel (2). 2. G. J. Appl. Chem. 1952, 2_, 161. 34 COMPONENTS : ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: 1. Krypton; 2. ; Battino, R. M. CgH18; 4-Trimethylpentane; 540-84-1 J. Phys. Chem. L. 12 Std. Dev. 091 , 1, Coef. Corr. 320 AG°/J mol Mol Fraction T/K The s o l u b i l i t y v a l u e s w e r e a d j u s t e d (1 atm) by H e n r y ' s l a w .

Chem. Soc. 1952, 3819. 23 COMPONENTS : 1. K r y p t o n ; Kr; 2. Water; H20; 3. E. 7732-18-5 (phosphate 7601-54-9 J. Pharm. Sei. 15 1 0 1 . L. 0441 at the four temperatures. O. The solution might be better described as Na x H P 0 4 ; 7632-05-5. Each solubility value is the average of three to four measurements. 0 per cent. J I The thermodynamic changes are for the standard state transfer of one mole of krypton from the gas at a concentration of one mole dm" 3 to the solution at | a concentration of one mole dm" 3 .

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