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Lengthy earlier than Rwanda and Bosnia and the Holocaust, the 1st genocide of the 20th century happened in Turkish Armenia in 1915. The essays during this assortment research how american citizens discovered of this disaster and attempted to assist its sufferers. wisdom and compassion, despite the fact that, weren't adequate to prevent the killings, and a bad precedent used to be born in 1915. The Armenian genocide has haunted the U.S. and different Western international locations through the 20th century.

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I, p. 357. Vahakn N. Dadrian, “The Determinants of the Armenian Genocide,” Journal of Genocide Research 1:1 (March 1999), pp. 68–71, 76–9. 27 Dadrian, “Determinants,” p. 72. Dadrian, “Determinants,” p. 70. Twentieth-century genocides 17 heard of again: it is believed that he was tortured and killed. Their mother, Touma, and their brothers Shukri, aged fourteen, and Philip, aged three – the youngest – were among several thousand Armenians deported from Diyarbekir and murdered in the vicinity of Mardin.

59 Armenians, Ukrainians, Chinese, Poles, Serbs, Jews, were each among the victims of mass murder in the first half of the twentieth century leading up to the convention who came within this definition. The coming into being of the Genocide Convention did not signal an end to genocide. The second half of the twentieth century was besmirched in that regard, year by year. The fate of Tibetans under Chinese Communist rule after 1951 was tragic. So was the fate of native Indian tribes in the forests of Brazil.

Hagopian found a detailed account of the killings in the diaries of Leslie Davis, United States Consul in Kharput. Hearing reports that bodies had been seen floating in nearby Lake Geoljik, Davis took his camera and went to investigate, recording what he saw. 41 Hagopian’s family was spared because his father was a surgeon whose skills were needed by influential members of the Turkish community. Visiting Kharput in 1967, Hagopian found no trace of Armenians there. 43 On 15 March 1921, Soghomon Tehlirian, a survivor of the Armenian massacres, assassinated one of the leading Turkish politicians involved in them, the Minister of the Interior, Talaat Pasha.

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