By Richard Walker

Readers embark on a phenomenal voyage via human biology and observe the body’s bits and bobs as they’ve by no means noticeable them prior to. starting with the fundamental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s platforms, it is a compact and entire examine the beauty that's the human computer.

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54 Corbis: Tim Pannell (tl). Science Photo Library: CNRI (br/XY); Dept. Of Clinical Cytogenetics, Addenbrookes Hospital (br); Pasieka (cr). 54-55 Science Photo Library: Pasieka. 55 Corbis: Andrew Brookes (cr). Science Photo Library: David Nicholls (br). 56 Corbis: Randy Faris (tl). Science Photo Library: Scott Camazine (cr). M. Motta & J. Van Blerkom (c); Richard Wehr / Custom Medical Stock Photo (bl). 58 Getty Images: Mike Kemp (cr). Science Photo Library: Pasieka (bl) (c). 59 Corbis: EPA / Waltraud Grubitzsch (tr); Pascal Parrot (tl).

A single cell contains 250 million haemoglobin molecules. 43 How fast does my heart beat? Superior vena cava brings oxygen-poor blood from the upper body At the core of your body’s blood transport system is a muscular pump – the heart. The heart has two sides – left and right – each guards with an upper and lower chamber – the atrium and ventricle. theValve exit from the right ventricle The heart beats about 70 times a minute to pump blood to your cells, speeding up when necessary to meet increased demand.

Pain signals from your fingers travel to your spinal cord. This sends instructions to your arm muscles to move your hand at the same time as signals reach your brain so that you feel pain. ■ Your brain makes up just 2 per cent of your body weight but uses 20 per cent of your oxygen intake to release energy to keep it working. ■ Busy brain neurons create patterns of electrical activity called brain waves, which can be detected by attaching electrodes to the scalp. Withdrawal reflex Section through nerve Q What is a nerve?

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