By Ed Greenwood

The Shadow Spreads

The Time of problems had nearly handed. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn was once attaining an end.

However, now not so those that stroll in Shadow.

The dreaded and insidious Shadowmasters become aware of that they've one final likelihood to grab keep watch over whereas chaos wrecks havoc on all the geographical regions, and in doing so seal the destiny of not only their archenemy Elminster, yet all of Mystra's minions as well.

Darkness threatens to envelop all Faerûn.

The shadows loom.

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Like you, I am from Krynn. I am here to reflect and to study. ” “However,” he continues. “I have some information you would find useful. I am willing to trade for it. I collect many things. ” If the PCs did not cause the brown cloud to move away from Amm-Burraj’s sphere on their way to the moon, continue with the “Bargaining with Amm-Burraj” section below. If the PCs caused the brown cloud to move away from AmmBurraj’s sphere, Amm-Burraj speaks before the bargaining begins. “Your actions rescued me from the cloud creature,” he says.

You are still alive,” he says, both surprised and impressed. “Admirable. I never expected to be in the company of people from Krynn by choice, let alone fight beside them. ” If the PCs respond, Karlox ignores them. If the PCs have not met Karlox, Aric introduces him. “I have fought with others of your kind before,” he says. “Considering their species, they did reasonably well. ” Aric then introduces the party to Prashah. Prashah nods, but says nothing. She keeps her distance from the party, eyeing them curiously.

Wand or be ensnared in rib cage for 1d4 points of damage from the barbs for each round the beast moves, burning bones (see below); SD unaffected by flame and suffer only minimum damage (1 point plus bonuses) from edged or pointed weapons; turned as special undead; MR 20%; AL NE The beasts are furiously attempting to clear away the passageway, but aren’t making much progress. If the PCs enter the cove, the beasts attack, fighting to the death if necessary. If the PCs leave the cove, the beasts do not follow, instead remaining to continue clawing at the passageway.

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