By Kathy Ross

All New Crafts for Thanksgiving

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Tie a large bow from the organdy ribbon. Glue the bow to one side of the top of the cornucopia. 28 If any of the plastic caps you are using have writing on the top, cover the writing with paper (or paint) that is the same color as the cap. Use the red and green caps to make apples. Glue a piece of brown pipe cleaner on the edge for the apple stem. Add a tiny leaf cut from the green construction paper. Use the orange caps to make oranges. Fold a tiny piece of brown pipe cleaner in half and glue it to the top edge to look like the end of an orange.

Her recent books include Happy New Year, Everywhere! , by Arlene Erlbach. com. Together, Kathy Ross and Sharon Lane Holm have created The Best Christmas Crafts Ever! and The Big Book of Christian Crafts, as well as two earlier books in this series: All New Crafts for Easter, and All New Crafts for Halloween.

Glue the hat to the top left corner of the card. Tie a piece of craft ribbon in a tiny bow. Glue the bow on the card at the bottom front of the bonnet. On the blue paper rectangle, use the marker to write the name of the person the place card is for. 33 Lots of these clever napkin rings can be made in no time at all! Turkey Napkin Ring Here is what you need: red pipe cleaner scissors two wiggle eyes paper clip ruler white craft glue orange felt scrap clamp clothespin Here is what you do: Measuring from the point, cut a 7-inch (18-cm) piece from the narrow end of the necktie.

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