By Kathy Ross

All New Crafts for Mother's and Father's Day

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46 Decorate the bottom of each strip by gluing on a tiny picture, sticker, sequin, or strip of ribbon or trim. Use a tiny dot of glue so you do not stick the pages together. If a page is gluey, place a small piece of plastic wrap between the glue and the next page until the glue has dried. A page marker pad is the perfect little gift to tuck into a greeting card for your mom or dad. 47 About the Author and Artist Thirty years as a teacher and director of nursery school programs have given Kathy Ross extensive experience in guiding young children through craft projects.

Cut an 18-inch (46-cm) piece of the ribbon. To make a hanger for your wreath, punch a hole just above the rim of the dome. Fold the ribbon in half and attach as shown. Snap the dome lid on over the grass, decorations, and hanger to secure them. You might want to collect one or more additional sets of decorations to give with the wreath. Place each set in a plastic sandwich bag and tie it with a ribbon. 43 Make a set of magnets for your mom or dad! Eraser Magnets Here is what you need: strip of stickyback magnet scissors three or more pony beads four or more small buttons white craft glue ruler red, green, and gold thin craft ribbon box of different-colored pencil-end erasers Here is what you do to make the vase magnet: To make a vase of flowers, cut five 11⁄2- to 2-inch (4- to 5-cm) pieces of the green craft ribbon, and tuck into the opening of an eraser.

Cut the traced shape out. 34 ruler Trim the edges of the poster board shape slightly so that it will just fit inside the tie. Rub a very thin layer of glue on both sides of the poster board tie shape. Slip the poster board in between the front and the back of the tie. Cut down from the flat top of the tie about an inch. 8-cm) circle to allow the tie to hang from behind a doorknob. Use the pen to write #1 Dad on the felt. Cut the message out. Glue the message to the front of the necktie. You might want to glue a different message on your necktie doorknob hanger.

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