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All approximately area publication of the sunlight procedure
The Sun
- notice the important function the megastar on the center of our sunlight process playsThe planets
- In-depth courses to the entire planets, from Mercury to NeptuneThe moons
- Take a more in-depth examine many of the sun platforms finest moonsAmazing illustrations
- discover the beautiful points of interest on offerAlso inside...
- an entire consultant to the Sun
- sun flares
- the opening within the Sun
- sun maximum
- Mercury
- Venus
- Earth
- Mars
- Jupiter
- Saturn
- Uranus
- Neptune
- a glance at Earths moon
- Ganymede
- Europa
- Titan

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It has an unstable exosphere, a very loose, light layer of gases and other materials. Gases within it include helium, oxygen and hydrogen, some of which come from solar wind. Minerals such as calcium and potassium enter the exosphere when tiny meteors strike the surface and break up bits of rock. Mercury also has a magnetosphere, formed when the solar wind interacts with its magnetic field. Although that magnetic field is only about one per cent as strong as Earth’s, it traps in some plasma from the solar wind, which adds to its surface weathering.

The rarest of predictable events in our Solar System involve Venus. Known as transits of Venus, this only happens once every 243 years in a pattern. A transit is somewhat like a solar eclipse, occurring when the planet is between the Earth and the Sun. 5 years between them. The odd pattern has to do with the relationship between the orbital periods of the two planets. Usually they happen in pairs, but not always. During a transit, Venus looks like a tiny black disc passing across the Sun’s surface.

As a result, the magnetic field becomes distorted, and interactions between different regions force magnetic loops, the focus of sunspots and flares, out of the surface. As the cycle progresses, some of the magnetic field starts to cancel out across the equator, while part is carried towards the poles where it plays a role in reversing the magnetic field for the next cycle. N N S S TIME N S TIME Orderly field Differential twisting Active centres At the beginning of a solar cycle, the Sun’s magnetic field has a clear and fairly orderly ‘dipole’ arrangement, with magnetic field lines entering and emerging from the Sun’s visible surface at high latitudes.

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