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For this reason, scientists are studying the flight patterns of migratory birds more thoroughly, and wind farmers are trying not to build in migratory birds’ flight paths. Researchers are also experimenting with painting the blades to make the blades more visible to birds. For example, instead of the usual white, researchers are painting the blades with black and orange stripes. “We go out and look for any environmental issues or concerns, like migratory birds’ flight paths, water fowl, any threatened or endangered plants or animals, as well as for any cultural artifacts,” says Vito Giarrusso, Florida Power and Light Operations production manager for the Stateline Wind Project.

They would also be able to step away from all of the pollution problems industrialized nations now face through the abundant use of fossil fuels. Economically speaking, solar energy is a wise choice. ” 12 A solar power system has a high initial investment cost, but once it is paid for there is little-to-no maintenance cost. The savings from not having energy bills to pay will cover the cost in five to ten years. After that, energy is free for the lifetime of the solar modules, which are usually guaranteed for at least twenty-five years.

But in recent years the towers and rotors of wind turbines have been made much bigger, from 50 feet to 180 feet, producing more energy at a lower cost. In fact, the overall cost of wind power generation has fallen by about 90 percent over the last twenty years. Plentiful Winds Like solar power, wind power is a renewable energy source. The energy of the sun drives the production of Wind Power wind. Since the sun is in daily supply, the energy required to create wind is continuously available. Unlike solar power, however, the energy of wind is also present during the nighttime as land and water absorb the heat of the sun.

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