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This paintings offers the lifestyles and memorable accomplishments of a popular 20th-century scientist whose extraordinary contributions to his box have garnered around the world admire and popularity.

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Alan Turing: Computing Genius and Wartime Code Breaker

This paintings provides the existence and noteworthy accomplishments of a favorite 20th-century scientist whose impressive contributions to his box have garnered all over the world admire and popularity.

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From Abacus to Calculator Mechanical computing has a surprisingly long history. ). Probably invented in its early forms by the Babylonians, a later, hand-held version of the abacus developed by the Romans was widely used by engineers to calculate viaducts, roads, and land surveys; by tradespeople as cash registers, calculators, and computers; and, probably by tax collectors to figure the amounts due. Eventually, the abacus was used throughout the Near East as well as China. ) The other kind of computer is an analog computer—a computing device that operates on measurable quantities (for example, weight or length) rather than having direct numerical input (and sometimes output).

Nonetheless, Turing was becoming aware that he was sexually attracted to other An Unusual Child 11 boys rather than to girls. ) Morcom was short and thin—smaller than Turing although he was a year older. He was also a year ahead of Turing in school, and not surprisingly, Morcom made higher scores when exam results were announced for the Higher School Certificate in 1929. Turing came in at 1033 in mathematics, while Morcom earned a substantially better score of 1436. Despite the difference in age and the test scores, in December 1929, when Morcom took exams for entrance to college at Cambridge, Turing also signed up.

They looked with hope toward the Soviet Union, where they thought Joseph Stalin was organizing a new kind of society where workers would be treated fairly and there would be no unemployment.  . Am thinking of going to Russia some time in vac[ation] but have not yet quite made up my mind. ’ Politically rather communist. Its programme is principally to organize strikes amongst munitions and chemical workers when government intends to go to war.  . Fortunately for his work and future career, Turing never went to Russia.

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