By Rob Heinsoo

1000's of recent guns, instruments, and magic goods in your D&D(R) character.Whether you are a participant trying to find a brand new piece of apparatus or a Dungeon grasp stocking a dragon's hoard, this publication has precisely what you would like.

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Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies

Open the e-book and find:
Everything a brand new participant must start taking part in D&D
Details on 4 fable races and 4 iconic classes
Explanations of each quantity and statistic at the personality sheet
The most sensible magic goods and kit for characters of all classes
Advice on roleplaying and teamwork
A ready-to-use event to get you all started as a Dungeon Master
A ready-to-use conflict grid with personality and monster markers

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The power is lost if you don't use it before (he e n d of the encounter. GOSSAMER TOME D r o w s p e l l c a s t e r s h a v e p e r f e c t e d a t e c h n i q u e o f craft­ i n g m a g i c t o m e s f r o m s p i d e r w e b s . T h e y f o l d layer a f t e r Level 14+ leather bound tome. 000gp E n h a n c e m e n t : Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: * 1d6 damage per plus Property: W h e n you hit w i t h a wizard attack power using this tome, a creature you summoned gains temporary hit points equal to 2 + the tome's enhancement bonus.

Level 23 or 28: Ongoing 10 poison damage (save ends). T o r c h of M i s e r y Rod of t h e R i s e n D e a d Level 2 1 This delicate crystal rod allows you to take control of the mind and body of a slain foe. Lvl 27 *6 1,625,000 gp Implement (Rod) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: t 1d6 psychic damage per plus Power (Daily • Charm): Free Action. Trigger. You use this rod to reduce an enemy affected by your Warlock's Curse to 0 hit points. Effect: That enemy is dominated until the end of Its next turn.

If you a r c a m e m b e r ol a c l a s s t h a t c a n w i e l d a t o m e as an i m p l e m e n t , y o n c a n a d d t h e t o m e ' s e n h a n c e iiient bonus to t h e a t t a c k rolls a n d t h e d a m a g e rolls of implement p o w e r s f r o m that c l a s s that y o u use through t h e t o m e , a n d y o u c a n use its p r o p e r t i e s a n d powers. 000 gp Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: -i-1d6 damage per plus Property: W h e n you use the dispel ma,gir power through this tome, you can target two conjurations or zones instead of one.

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