By Alton Meister

Ribonuclease P: An Enzyme with a Catalytic RNA Subunit (S. Altman).

rules of Escherichia coli Glutamine Synthetase (S. Rhee, et al.).

Glucose 6-Phosphatase: techniques of Membrane-Function courting (K. Sukalski & R. Nordlie).

Chiral Phosphorothioates: Stereochemical research of Enzymatic Substitution at Phosphorus (P. Frey).

Serotonin and Peptide Immunoneuromodulators: fresh Discoveries and New principles (D. Silverman & M. Karnovsky).

The Phosphyglycerate Mutases (L. Fothergill-Gilmore & H. Watson).

Mechanism and law of the Glutamine-Dependent Carbamyl Phosphate Synthetase of Escherichia coli (A. Meister).

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022 sec-I at 37°C. It should be pointed out that binding of either Mg(I1) or Mn(I1) to the n2 site also causes a rapid release of one equivalent of H + , but no slow H + release step was observed (57). 2) at 37°C for the nl-metalM and -5 x lop5 M for Mn(I1) and cation complex is -5 x Mg(II), respectively. Adenylylation of the enzyme causes a decrease in divalent-cation affinity at the nl site, and this effect is more pronounced for Mn(I1) binding than for Mg(I1) binding. The rate for the slow conformational change step is essentially independent of the adenylylation state of the enzyme.

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