By Pippa Norris

Is the method of political communications via the inside track media and by way of events chargeable for civic malaise? A Virtuous Circle units out to problem the normal knowledge that it really is. in accordance with a comparative exam of the position of the inside track media and events in postindustrial societies, this examine argues that instead of mistakenly "blaming the messenger" we have to comprehend and confront extra deep-rooted flaws within the platforms of consultant democracy.

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The most effective way to explore this issue is with historical case studies describing the role of the news media in classic examples of the abuse of power, public scandal, and government corruption, to see how far journalists have acted fairly and independently in the public interest to hold officials to account. 34 EVALUATING MEDIA PERFORMANCE Lastly, to promote conditions for public participation, we assume that the news media system should act as a mobilizing agent to encourage political learning, interest, and participation.

Experimental studies have analyzed differences between groups of news users exposed to different stimuli. Survey analysis has examined the individual-level relationship between news exposure and indicators of civil engagement, using cross-sectional or panel studies. After discussing the pros and cons of these different approaches, Chapter 3 then describes the multimethod research design and the triangulated sources of evidence used throughout the book. Part II of this book compares the structural trends in all of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member states, twenty-nine countries that have similar levels of political and economic development, yet with political and media systems that differ in important respects, such as the role of public-service television, the degree of penetration by cable or satellite television, and the regulations for election broadcasting and advertising.

1). 1. Standards of media performance. 7 But only the core political functions for the news media that we have identified are central to the Schumpeterian understanding of representative democracy. What does this conceptualization imply for evaluating the performances of the news media? T H E NEWS M E D I A AS C I V I C FORUM The concept of the news media as a civic forum is most closely associated with the work of Jiirgen Habermas, who has been widely influential, although our argument does not depend upon his conceptualization.

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