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Bypassing Iraqi national sentiment may lead to significant mistakes of appreciation, and that third sin can hardly be forgiven. Yet that’s still minute when one thinks about what happened to the American capacity to treat intelligence material. ” How was this success achieved? “Because Bush has taken time to de-legitimise Arafat” and in Iraq “to remove the most significant threat to Israel’s existence”. The truth, actually, is that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was able to drag Bush into the trap of the fight against terrorism, preventing him from pointing out the numerous obligations ignored by the Israelis in their own commitment towards the roadmap.

Another way is to behave properly and not be reproached for anything. As long as Mahmoud Abbas avoids the risk of being cornered into a hopeless bilateral negotiation restricted to Israel and Palestine, and as long as he understands that a future for the roadmap only lies with the US and the other members of the Quartet’s hands, every effort should be made to give peace a fair chance, irrespective of what the Sharon government may say, do or undo. No time is to be lost elsewhere. A first move on the Palestinian side was to make emerge another figure who, although still representative of his people, would be better accepted by the Americans.

It is now the other way round: they are inflicting on themselves their own ghetto behind their wall. Yet Sharon should remember, those who erected walls, including replicas of the “wall of shame”, historically proved always to be wrong. [47] 579 A Safer World 1 Part 1 6/12/06 9:25 AM Page 48 This page intentionally left blank 579 A Safer World 1 Part 1 6/12/06 9:25 AM Page 49 THE SEVEN MORTAL SINS OF AMERICAN BLINDNESS 5 AUGUST 2003 A few months ago, opponents of the war in Iraq used to say that whatever action the Bush Administration would take unilaterally, it would need the rest of the world to win the peace.

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