By Claire Thompson

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Similar in value to Mikhail Bakhtin, Lydia Ginzburg exceptional herself between Soviet literary critics via her research of the social and historic parts that relate verbal paintings to lifestyles in a specific tradition. Her paintings speaks on to these Western critics who may well locate that deconstructionist and psychoanalytical techniques by way of themselves are incapable of addressing the complete which means of literature.


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She looked down at herself. “I’m wearing a T-shirt like you said. White. No bra. ” She flushed. ” Rachel held out a leg, admiring how the three-inch-heeled white sandals she’d bought made her legs look longer and shapelier. Her closet contained sensible shoes, never with a heel. A librarian was on her feet a lot and rubber soles were essential. But the high heels made her feel sexy. “Good. ” He’d suggested she have a glass of her favorite wine next to her chair instead of the usual herbal tea. He told her he’d have a glass of it too next to his chair.

Grabbing it, she said, “Hello, this is Velvet. I’m here for your pleasure. ” “You can stop hanging up on me. ” Rachel took a deep breath. Someone on the other end of the phone was interested in her! —butterscotch and sex? Something like that. Rachel closed her eyes, imaging for a moment she was Angelique, one of her favorite characters, able to handle anything that came her way. This was an adventure! Why should she hang up again? She was behaving like a silly kid. She was being rude! And what was the risk?

To talk with you. I’d really like to know your name. Your real name. Not that silly assigned name from Sex Goddesses. I want more than just a disembodied voice on the other end of the phone. I’d love a real name to go with that voice. ” Rachel felt herself flush. She took a drink from the glass of water next to her. This guy was trying to mess with her head. He didn’t want sex—he wanted to harass her. “I’m sorry. You must be confused, sir. This is a 900 line. Not a chat line. ” She hung up and then instantly regretted it.

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