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Svtdlund, A Sef«tion afTexls in Ga/i/ean Aramaic. Jerusaltm 1967 (from Gen Rabba Ms. Vat. Ebr. ,r 23-25) and by marriage contracts and bills of divorce (along with material on marriage law) from the Cairo Geniza drawn up in the 10th and 11th cent. A. D. in Palestine. s8 It was also Galileans, however. who. after 135 A. , transmitted and normalised the pronunciation of the Old Testament, so that Galilean is also, finally, attested to by the pronunci,ation tradition from the Secunda (originating in 240-245 A.

16. -man of vitality" and Jer 48:24 elc. m'v. LXX Kupl£l)6. "Iowns". is to be understood as Hebr~w W'IC m',i' 1; Qari~!. -Ihe man from ·Qaray6t (a town in soulhern Judaea: Josh 15:25: air > j before y)~ (on Ancient and Imperial Aramaic is ~ 517), as the exegetical school OOOH45J 42 Old Aramaic behind De (probably with the help of the Hexapla) had already recognized (In 6:71 K 0lp: 12:40: 13:20: 13:26D: 14:220 KllQ\KllfQU): for from the fact that the 7I. "(originating) from", which is also common in Neo-Hebrew (H.

There is also the modern pronunciation of the Samaritans, which comes from the last stage of Samarian directly before its expulsion by Arabic in lhe 10lh cent. A. D. (-+ 146), though it differs from the pronunciation of the Arabic spoken today by the Samaritans. s' Wrinen Samaritan is not linked with Imperial Aramaic -a A. , The Samaritan Targum of the Pentateuch. A Cri,ical Edi/ion. Macuch, Grammatik des samaritanischen Hebriiisch. , Gramma/ik des samarilanischen Aramiiisch. Berlin 1982: Z. Ben'l:layyim and A.

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