By Colleen Sell

Intense...loving...complex...close - moms and daughters have their say during this unforgettable collection.As moms bring up their daughters to womanhood; as daughters come into their very own; as moms watch daughters turn into moms themselves, after which deal with their moms via midlife and past; the mother-daughter bond keeps its energy and poignancy forever.Mothers and daughters proportion greater than simply existence, demise and love; they trade knowledge, recommendation and intimate secrets and techniques not like that of the other relationship."A Cup of convenience for moms and Daughters" explores the energy and intensity of women's unbreakable earliest bond.Filled with tales that have a good time within the complexity and kindness - in addition to the struggles and triumphs that make the mother-daughter courting so major - this magnificant e-book will enlighten the spirit and improve the lives of its readers.

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No. ” Early in the pregnancy, my daughter started bleeding. I took her to the emergency room, but the tests revealed everything was fine. However, as weeks went by, the spotting continued. One morning after my daughter had spent the night with me and was soaking in a hot bath, blood suddenly started gushing from her, staining the water deep crimson. She had just entered her sixth month of pregnancy. My mother drove my other children to school while I rushed my oldest daughter to the hospital. Panic clutched my heart, and my emotions rico-cheted in every direction, until I saw my daughter’s frightened face, and the strength of motherly love claimed command.

I love books as much as she does. I cram them onto a single book-shelf to deal with later. I will turn her room into a crafts room. Or create the fancy guest room I’ve always wanted. But not for her benefit. qxd 5/30/2007 2:43 PM Page 9 A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Daughters 9 she comes crawling back, she can stay in the basement or sleep on the couch. My ruthlessness returns with a vengeance. Dresses, sweaters, leggings, and shoes she hasn’t worn since seventh grade are crammed into garbage bags.

She looked as if she were content to sit there forever, patting and stroking the wig as if it were a toy poodle. ” I coaxed. Carefully placing the wig on her head, I turned it this way and that until I found the right way to position it. qxd 5/30/2007 2:43 PM Page 35 A Cup of Comfort for Mothers & Daughters 35 sunk. Though luxurious and finely made, the wig was all wrong for her. There was too much of it. Bouffant-style, it was too lavish for an elderly woman. But, it was bought and paid for; there was no taking it back.

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