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On each side of the box, thread a piece of pipe cleaner through the top and bottom to make shoulder straps. Put paper fasteners into the lid of the box to make knobs on the air pack. Put the air pack on the doll. Put one end of another pipe cleaner inside the box and the other end in front of the face mask to make an air hose for your astronaut to breathe through. Decorate the astronaut suit with red and blue sticker stars. Make the Racing Rocket on page 30 and give your doll friend a ride. Here is what you need: two large brown grocery bags clear plastic deli container white poster paint and a paintbrush scissors white glue masking tape plastic gallon milk jug white paper pencil markers newspaper to work on Here is what you do: Put one of the grocery bags inside the other to make a double bag.

Cut enough off the ends of the bags so that they fit over your head and rest on your shoulders like a helmet. The bottoms of the bags rest on the top of your head. To make the clear face mask in the helmet, you can use either a round or rectangular plastic container. Near the top of one of the wide sides of the bags, trace around the bottom of the plastic container with the pencil. Carefully cut through the two bags to cut out the traced shape. Slide the plastic container between the two bags. The bottom of the container should stick out to form the front of the face mask.

The inside of the box is the inside of a spaceship. Cut four cups from the cardboard egg carton. Cut the sides off two of the cups. Glue the bottom of one cut cup to the bottom of an uncut cup to make a chair. Make two chairs. Stand the box on its side. Put two strips of masking tape along the bottom edge and glue the two chairs to the tape. Tape a yarn railing across the box, above and behind the chairs. When the astronauts are weightless, they will need the railing to hold on to and to pull themselves around the cabin of the ship.

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