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One of the main attention-grabbing how one can render your baby busy, this booklet by no means fails in retaining little ones engaged with quite a few varieties of artwork and craft enjoyable.

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2. 3. 4. Glue one leaf to the cardboard. Secure with clothespins until the glue is dry. Cut out the cardboard-backed leaf. Paint the cardboard side of the leaf and the edges brown. Paint the spool brown. 36 Glue the leaf to the top of the spool. 5-cm) stick from a tree or bush 1 ruler tiny artificial flowers Here is what you do to make the bed: 1. Break off four 3-inch (8-cm) pieces of stick. 2. Cut a 3- by 4-inch (8- by 10-cm) piece of cardboard for the bed. Poke a hole in each of the four corners.

Glue yarn bits to the head for hair. 10. Slide large seed beads onto the toothpick or color the toothpick with the marker. 11. Glue the two sticker stars together at the top of the toothpick wand. 12. Glue the wand in the fairy’s hands. If you want to hang up the fairy, tie one end of a long piece of craft ribbon to the base of the wings. Tie a loop on the other end, and hang it from the window lock or a suction cup hanger on the window. 28 Make a pet for your fairies. Snail Friend Here is what you need: white craft glue 2 large green glass plant gems 2 small beads black permanent marker 2 white pony beads Here is what you do: 2 small green glass plant gems 1.

Glue one-half on the back of the box. 7. Tuck some craft store insects into your display if you wish. You can use this display to store your fairies or snails when they are not being used. You can also fly the Cupcake Fairy or the Dragonfly Friend by inserting them into the foam on the back of the display. 41 Help this fairy learn to fly! Fairy Flying Lessons Here is what you need: flexible straw permanent markers /4-inch (2-cm) wooden craft bead 3 scissors yarn bits for hair 3-inch (8-cm) artificial flower cotton swab Here is what you do: 1.

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