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A Course in Language Teaching Trainee Book (Cambridge Teacher Training and Development)

This significant direction offers a complete simple creation to educating languages, to be used in pre-service or early adventure settings. it may be utilized by teams of lecturers operating with a coach, or as a self-study source. The Trainee's e-book presents the entire projects given in general booklet yet with out heritage info, bibliographies, notes or ideas.

An introduction to regional Englishes : dialect variation in England

This sequence offers introductions to the most components of English language research. Volumes hide points of the heritage and constitution of the language equivalent to: syntax, phonology, morphology, neighborhood and social edition, outdated English, heart English, Early sleek English and foreign Englishes. content material: 1.

Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan. A Reading Course and Reference Grammar

«Half of the phrases are learn by means of implication. » This Tibetan asserting explains the most trouble Westerners face in studying to learn Tibetan fluently. This e-book will enable newbies to appreciate the good judgment of Tibetan grammar and syntax via graded readings and narrative motives. the big thesaurus, that's listed via web page, will function a useful reference grammar for readers of Tibetan in any respect degrees.

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MAH (NB). ; (a tree); Nuzi*; Hurr. word. ). Lacheman apud Starr Nuzi 1 535 (listed as name of a tree). galpurhu see galburhu. ; (mng. ); Ur III*; Akk. lw. in Sum. du one g. ig-Kizilyay-Salonen Puzrig-Daganlamb .... um one suckling g. lamb ibid. ). ; (a preparation of cereals); Nuzi; Hurr. word; wr. gal-te-ni-wa-al HSS 9 44:7, GAR-al-ti-ni-wa HSS 13 122:19. narkabtaimu la mahri ga-lit-ta(var. -turn) irkab he mounted the terrifying chariot (drawn by) the irresistible storm-demons En. el. IV 50; gal-tu melammulunu sahip hursani his awe-inspiring splendor covers the mountains Gilg.

2:6; gi-mil gi-mil naplassu 4R 54 No. 1 r. i 7 (SB); la i-gam-mil napassu may (the god) not spare his life VAS 6 61:24, and passim in NB curse formulae, e. , BE 8 149:31, TuM 2-3 8:25; ana ... : gimil tag-mil-in-ni utir ag-mil-ki I have returned the favor you (witch) did me! Maqlu VII 75; ana epi9 limuttika damiqtu ribSu ana raggika milara [gi]m-la-d-' pay back with a good deed him who does you wrong, act justly toward your enemy PSBA 16 132:37, cf. Lambert Bab. Wisdom Lit. b) to act so as to please (a deity): dMars duk gi-mil-ma ahka elija la tanaddi for Mar- ru ga-ma-lu gu-zu-bu RA 16 71 No.

SAR ta-kam(text -te)-mis-ma ana misri nakri tez. the g. ). : the evil wind §a tdmtim gal-la-ti the gallabu, you place (all) the hair (shaved off) from his body into a lahannu-gaharratu isambu ru-up-pu-d4 tosses the width of the container and you abandon it in enemy g. mdma may the g. seas hear KAR 168 ii 8 (Irra); tdmti gal-la-ti CT 22 pi. 48:9 (mappa mundi); ana mataki u sru UvU ti-amat gal-la-t[i] ukn territory RAcc. p. 7:24 (namburbu-ritual after an earthquake). 2' said of private persons: amelu Sudti LU.

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