By Lexi Petronis, Jill Buck

  definite, all of us know the planet is in hassle. We listen speak forever approximately weather swap, pollution from autos, oil spills into oceans, trash overflowing into waterways, and poisonous chemical substances leaking into our groundwater. Sigh. however the excellent news is there is a lot we will be able to do to begin cleansing up the Earth. And it starts off with you!

This e-book explores lots of small (and colossal) issues that children can do to make a favorable distinction within the atmosphere such as:

• move on a eco-friendly date with a brand new crush

• devour much less meat

• learn how to store vintage

• create an environmental activity strength at school

• cross on an eco-adventure

• and more!

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My biggest gripe was that the schools my kids went to were doing very little to teach students how to be good environmental stewards. I noticed that there were recyclables in every trash can, that energy and paper were being majorly wasted, and that “environmental education” boiled down to a silly puppet show about recycling on Earth Day. The teachers and parents were basically teaching the students what not to do. I knew there had to be a better way. So, in 2002, I founded the Go Green Initiative, an all-inclusive environmental action plan that helps schools measure and reduce their environmental footprint.

Problem: You have paper messages scattered all over your house. Solution: Put up a whiteboard and find some fun dry erase markers. When someone calls, you (or whoever) can write the message there instead of using pads of paper. No paper needed. Doodles encouraged. Problem: The toilet water is a-wastin’. Solution: Put a bottle half-filled with water and some sand or a few marbles in the toilet tank. Yeah, it sounds weird, but a weighted bottle nestled in the toilet tank (away from all the moving parts) will trick your toilet into using less water when it flushes — about 10 gallons less per day in a typical house.

How to Do It Unplugging is pretty easy — you probably don’t need a blow-by-blow on how to disconnect your cell phone charger from the wall. But it can get easier. Plug all the components of your computer, TV, or stereo into one power strip, which you can turn off with just one switch. ”) Also consider using a “smart” power strip, which senses when the electronics plugged into it are turned off and then switches off on its own. Of course, it’s fine to theorize about unplugging stuff, but it doesn’t help unless we actually do it.

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